Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Kinohimitsu j'pan uv bright drink

Seems before sem break haritu aku dah kumpul each virus yang ada dekat muka ni, means bila start je cuti aku kena bertungkus lumus untuk mengusir semuanya keluar dr tubuh badan aku especially bahagian muka ni ha...
So, aku pun try this so call kinohimitsu product. At first I thought I should buy the beauty one, but later on, thinking that I'm gonna work at my brother's place which is so hot there, then I decided to buy this bright product' which it said can prevent your skin from getting tan.
And of course I believe when it said that UV rays can damage our skin . And there are sign of them which first will cause our skin to tan, pigmentation occurs, fine line and also skin lesion. I know that everyone out there will not happy with their skin after all of this damage. So do I. And that is just the reason why I buy this product.
Even though the price is so not cool, which is 79.90 MYR for 6 bottles at Watson, but I guarantee that person will invest a lot of money to become a pretty lady.
This drink of course, is so delicious. So you can achieve brighter, fairer, clearer skin without any difficulties ;)
I'm gonna give the result as soon as I finished my first box which contains 6 bottle in it and also 2 bottles free... Also at Watson :)

done ! :D