Friday, 22 June 2012

Study week UiTM KBM

Hey ! Hari ni last minggu study aku kt UiTM nihh . Bahagia? Belum lagi.. Belum habis final lagi giler . Cane nak bahagia? Kiranya sekarang ni aku tengah study week. Since that this sem they gave us twice for midsem break, so we have to face study week for only four days ! Minus weekend of course. Haihh. And this is the first time my first paper is the first day of final and of course my last paper on the last -_-' bahagia lah sangat kann?! Grrr .. Well congrats tu kna, she had already finish her final and only waiting to face her result. Huahuahua . Now me currently waiting for the bus to go back. I'm going to segamat to give him things I'd promise and then I'll go straight to JB ;) . Then after quarter final England, I'll come back to malacca ! :'( fighting for great life in the future :) ... Wish me luck ! I'll do my very best this time. Good luck to all my friends and every single student in KBM :D