Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tips to make guy fall for you :)

Having trouble finding the guy of your dreams? Or perhaps you already did, the only problem is he doesn't know you exist, he never even throws a look in your direction.
It is also possible that you are in love with a guy you have been friends with since time immemorial and you just don’t know how to get past that "friend" phase and spark some romance between the two of you.
Whatever your individual circumstance is, these tips will help you make a man fall in love with you. but im not surely 100% gives you the hope ok ! just try it, then u'll know.

Prettify yourself
We all know that guys are visual by nature. That's the primary reason why they ogle at bikini-clad girls. While it won't be necessary to parade on your favorite bikinis, it would be great if you can improve your appearance and make yourself look more attractive. It does not mean that you need to look like Anne Hathaway or Kate Bosworth. But at least, look your best. Get a new hairdo, lose weight, wear flattering clothes, apply make-up that would emphasize your features, and don't forget to spritz on some nice but not overwhelming cologne. If this doesn't turn your dream guy's head, you'll be probably be turning other heads anyway, so keep your options open.

Keep your ears open
Most guys talk about themselves all the time. It must be their male ego or their alpha male on the work. It is always recommended to listen actively to your man. Men are endeared to girls who can give them attention and at the same time, be interesting enough to keep up with the conversation. Be sure to read up on current topics, get to know about the latest trends, listen to news, and so on.

Laugh, laugh and laugh
Men are attracted to women with sense of humor. Not only does this keep any relationship interesting and exciting, sense of humor is also a good way to make someone else fall in love with you. But don't just make all the jokes, remember to laugh a lot as well. Men's egos are boosted when girls laugh at their funny quips. You don't have to pretend anything's funny if it is not but be sure not to be too uptight and let your hair down to attract your guy. So, what if you aren't free hair? hihiii. just be yourself ok.

Ooze with confidence and attitude
Needy, desperate girls or girls with negative dispositions in life can easily repel guys. Nobody likes to be with someone who always sees the glass half empty. But if you're sunny, positive, and cheerful, and if you exude with confidence and a great attitude, you are more likely to attract the opposite sex. Stand up straight when you walk, make eye contact when you talk, and be confident at all times.

Don't forget to flirt
Flirting is an essential part of the whole process of attracting men. Sharpen your flirting skills if you want your guy to take notice of you. Teasing glimpses, lingering looks, soft touches on the knees or on the hair, smiling a lot, throwing your head back when you laugh, and so many more - all these are foolproof flirting techniques that have been tested by time. Although that this is not my way, but i thought maybe it will work. saw someone using this. Hah, maybe those guy just love flirty girl. LOL

Be Yourself
Of course, while all these tips will help you enhance yourself and improve your chances of snagging the man you've always wanted, it is still important to be yourself. Don’t be a fake. You would want your man to fall in love with you and not with an imaginary person that you made up. OK? is that all clear. From the beginning, the important thing to make the guy fall for you, is to be yourself. You don't want they leave you later on right. So, :) think of it. 

Alrite, thats it. thanks for reading . Au revoir ! ^_^