Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Assalamualaikum ,,

How's your life buddy ?
Hope goes fine,, well, and great !
Mine ? Comme si comme sa ,,
Why ? yelahh, tough tau life as a degree student ni.
Just know ? Of course lahh ,,
My first sem kott,, aishh
Still studying ni in becoming a good student,,
Send the assignment rite on time,
Present the best presentation,
using the language fluently,,
Francais ? non, Anglais ,,
Haiyo,, still, even my time here full enough,
I will find a minute to post new entry in this blog,
kalau ta nanti berkulat pulak kann
ehh, asyik mengeluh je..
well, while writing this entry, im searching for ideas to write my assignment,,
tomorrow i'll present them,,
tonight, nothing in my mind, the port folio is already there,
but the slideshow?
missing ! haha
nasib lahh, tidur lambat lg..
mata lagi cantik dr eye bag panda tuu .. :)
cyfa vs panda !
confirm cyyfa menang ,, hahaa

# cukuplahh, cyfa dah mengarut , nasib ta mencarut,
dah mengantuk ke ? uhh
kbye !^_^