Thursday, 22 September 2011

It's not easy ok !

As Salam,,

How are u today?
Ca va?
Im ok, just fine.
Its been a while since im not updating my blog ni,
well, being a student is not very easy like what i think before.
Its hard.

Supposedly being in this First sem couldn't be very hard.
But i'm taking this matter seriously.
I will not take my study as a simple matter, take as a granted.
It's not nice.
My niat coming here is to study.
So, that's what i should do lohh.
Please, im begging u all, pray the best for me.

And lagi, its been 2 week already i've becoming someone fiancee ,
its hard too.
why?well, i have to make sure im not over attend other men.
HE is my men,
and i have to remember that i am his girl.
hihii, im young kann, so kena girl lahh.
baru sweet !! gituu
hahahaha, bongakss ~~

I think thats it for today,
maybe i'll update more from time to time.
I'll make sure that all my friends and followers know my situation, always.
hihiii, if u follow me lahh.
OK, au revoir !!