Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Keboringan melanda ,,

As Salam ,,
Salut !
So, how are u now? for most of the time,
ca va?
Je non .
Im not in mood in this few days.
Maybe bcoz myself, had some misunderstanding with some of the,
non matured people.
Ohh, im not saying that im innocent,
me also guilty, but actually, it's not truly come from my heart.
it was just an accident. u know,
sometimes, tongue can accident too.
just like vehicle. hihihii, sengett ,
I'm just very upset with myself.
That's it. Not more or less.
But now, i'm trying to cool down me.
And trying to change everything, that should not be in me.
Well, that's it for now.
Thank you , kbye !

Thursday, 22 September 2011

It's not easy ok !

As Salam,,

How are u today?
Ca va?
Im ok, just fine.
Its been a while since im not updating my blog ni,
well, being a student is not very easy like what i think before.
Its hard.

Supposedly being in this First sem couldn't be very hard.
But i'm taking this matter seriously.
I will not take my study as a simple matter, take as a granted.
It's not nice.
My niat coming here is to study.
So, that's what i should do lohh.
Please, im begging u all, pray the best for me.

And lagi, its been 2 week already i've becoming someone fiancee ,
its hard too.
why?well, i have to make sure im not over attend other men.
HE is my men,
and i have to remember that i am his girl.
hihii, im young kann, so kena girl lahh.
baru sweet !! gituu
hahahaha, bongakss ~~

I think thats it for today,
maybe i'll update more from time to time.
I'll make sure that all my friends and followers know my situation, always.
hihiii, if u follow me lahh.
OK, au revoir !!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Engagement !! me n him

As Salam,

The entry title?
Believe me, its real.
Well, there will b someone, or many one who will told me that this will only make things harder,
i will accept that statement, but, i'll also ask them to pray for me, that we both can face those challenge,
I really hope so, there is nothing different in having normal relationship or in engagement,
we will both stay away from any problems, so that, we will always stay together,forever,
well, at last, i am now,, someone's fiancee ,,

FIN ,, :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Update ,,

Bonjour ,,
its been a long time since i update my blog aite,,
well, a bit busy,,
entering Uni was not easy,
forgot already how to stay away from family n live on my own,,
bad english
but have to get used with it.
Well, 6/9 was the date im staying in melaka ,,
then,, register as a student of UiTM KBM on 7/9
MDS (minggu destini siswa) end on Saturday,
the day which is the BIG day for me, 
entry about this special day,,
i'll do it later,,
now,,tired already,
my experience being in Uni until today,
not bad,, i feel great !!
im learning French Language,
Accountacy, PERHHH
Tourism courses ,, :))
i'll do my best !!!
wish me luck ..
luv u guys .. ;p