Thursday, 25 August 2011


As Salam,,

Hey ,
I can't believe it ,
seems like just yesterday when i 'm dreaming going to menara gading .
well,, i'm going already ,
waiting for the day to come and then,, i'll be going .

Can you believe it?
it's not that i cannot believe it,,
but i think this is too soon .
well ,
time goes by so fast aite .

I should prepare myself to confront future ,
because we dunno what will be happen next .
so, lets prepare ourselves .
It's not easy .
I should always remind myself that .
Or else , i'll forget .

well , since that we all (my school's member) going to Uni also ,
my school do some event ,
to appreciate us ,
to thank us , n we thank our teachers .
Thanks semua untuk majlis appresiasi tuh .

~ Good Luck ~