Friday, 24 June 2011

the best memories ever..ty! c:

Nice one afiq,,i noe u luv to snap ur pic in the mirror rite.hehee.i luv it.this one look smart to me.thanx for giving me this foto,,at least i have something to make sure that i'll always remember u..

 mase ni,ace ckp,ace ta suke tgok muke afiq cmni kn,,u look sgt boring.heheee,but actually,this photo shows me to b more cheerful with u,,the reason is,to make u wonderful to me.
ur adek bongsu..sgt cumeyy,,afiq excited sgt cte ur mom dah bg u adek baru..ace tumpang gmbre utk skg,afiq tlg family afiq,kehilangan seorang family diorg.hmm

what more can i say?
i can say no more.
i have to let u peace.
yup!already let u go..
but the thing is,
ur memories,my memories,
our memories,,
will always remain the same..
in my heart.
they will always b there.

one more thing,
ade satu perkara yg Afiq ckp afiq takan lupe..
n skrg,perkara tu akan ace amek utk jd kenangan ace..

The time u proposed me to be ur the one n only gurl..
That time,u were with ur fam,looking for ur mom's shoes.
in the shop,the shoe's shop.
U sit there n waiting,messaging me..
never missed to msg me aite..
there,u ask me,to b ur gurl..
at the same time,
i was here..sitting in my fam's reataurant..
wondering,is it real or am i dreaming?i keep thinking..
till u ask me for the 2nd time..coz i didnt rep ur earlier msg.
then,i said yes!yess.sure afiq..i want to b ur gurl..

now i noe,,every gurl in this world,
will b so lucky to be ur gurl.
a nice person like u,
will never make anyone disappointed.
u will care for them.
so do i.u take care of me.
that's why,i make my decision.
to let u go..b4 i hurt u more.
but u noe what,i hurt myself that time.
coz after all,u'll always b there for me.
when i need u.when i miss u.
thanks afiq.i owe u that.

I hurt more when u said to me last year,
that u still love me,
more than other girls u see.
i dun even noe.and i dun even ask.
u make me wondering..
but now,i had lose my time to ask u why.
my sorry.
u shud say to me that my time has running out.
then i dun have to wonder anymore.
but what u did,u keep it in u.
without saying a word to me.
it hurts me.
it's unfair.u noe why?
bcoz u noe everything about me.
but i noe nothin about u..about ur sickness!
it's really unfair.i hate u bcoz of that.
i hate u...but i  love u.
hmm,once we r in love,our love is so strong.
i hope u can give me ur strength,to find our love,with somebody else.
thanx for giving me opportunity to b in ur heart.
it's really nice to b there.
Al-Fatihah Ahmad Afiq Aiman.

♥~~i love u forever and ever after~~