Saturday, 14 May 2011


hey there,,
how is ur day today?
im fine,,better than yesterday i think.
i hope u all fine jgk,i mean,great pn ok!
talking bout today,
im not really in mood lorr,,
maybe i need to go shopping first,than i'll b ok.
I'll b GREAT!
if i wanna go shopin,
what exactly will i buy??
i just bought a new HANDBAG,so,i'll not buy it.for this month laa.
I just bought a new JEANS,so,nop.
what about...WATCH?oh,i think so.
but i think im gonna buy it near RAYA.
then it will b nice to wear.hehe
eh!my sis will give birth soon!
so,i think im gonna buy her baby boy a present?ya la!
forgot already.that sound really nice one.hehe
yess.i'll buy the best thing for HIM.(baby boy)
for welcoming him to this world lorr..waaa
nice,cant wait.

so.....DAA!hehe :)