Sunday, 6 March 2011

will b back s0on!!

what??my parents lor,,they'll b here tonight,,waa
so happy yg amatt,,sgtt2,,miss them,,
since they'd gone,,my m0od change like my dress,,
hell there,,hell here,,hell everywhere
dont like it,,
i supposed to pick them up,,but
well,,i guess i dun have t0,,my bro pick them
with my sis,n my future sis
guess i'll b here al0ne,,takin care my home
n my bro,s opis,,
sgtt cdey lorr,,kne tgal lg,, :'(
asek kne tgal je,,x pnah deh x kne tgal,,
ni yg wt ase cm nk tgalkn owg nih,,
hmm,,life,,decision decision,,
make my decision what to b,,
where to go,,
n live alone,,leaving everythings behind,,