Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Things from Perth,Australia,,

From there,,
I got that cute lil koala,,haha,,so nice,,i'll update the pic later,,
my m0m also bought me baby kangar0o which is so,,,,,cuteee,,haha,,coz it's so small,
jus a keychain lorr,,not like lil koala,,it's a bear,
then,,i got perfume,,shirt,,n,,many keychain,,
keychain for my BF n his family,,
I ask my m0m to buy those Carlo Rino i saw last holi at LCCT,,
but shes thought can buy it when arriving back to Malaysia,,well,,
she's wrong,,n i cant have 1,,huuuaaaa
that bag is so gorgeous ,,never seen them at any Carlo Rino store around Mlysia yet,,
but,,it's ok,,
I get enough already,,hehe