Wednesday, 16 March 2011


when is the sale?big sales?for this school holi,,will there b a sale??
i would love to go SH0PPING!!ohhmyy,,,
gotta save some money for that day,,some?no,,ALOTTTT,,waaa
Next month,,wanna go holi with my BF n his frenz,,
so,,i should just stay at home peaceful without thinking bout the sale,,
but!!OMG,,forgot already,,Levi's Sale,,till 20th march,,
not gonna miss it,,LOL
looks like miss shopaholic here cant go holi lorr,,
hmm,,but i wanna go,,
its kay,,
give me cash....i wanna go shops,,n i wanna holi,,
so that i could do my job very smooth later on,,
NICE DAUGHTER he has here... hehe

*kalau bkn anak dia nk abeskan duit dia,,siapa lg?? 0_o