Friday, 4 March 2011


hmm...2 days since they left me lorr.
eb0o ayah board on,ma sis,ma bro send them at LCCT.
the next day,here I am,,back to h0me sweet h0me already.
but not sweet laa,,coz tade my eb0o..misz her lorr.huu
why eh??they juz went for mkn angin.will back soon what.
huh.very childish.ya pn last child rite.of coz la.
driving back alone seems like it takes a year to arrive tw.erhh very tired.
then me decide to take my future sis in law.
jd geng.
at 12.00a.m,,alhamdulillah..arrived jgk!!amin,
eb0o ayah,,im h0me!!;p