Friday, 18 March 2011


hey u,,u this,,
oh how can i still b here when i wanna b there laa..
so long till that calling2 time..ergghh
i just cant b here makes me SICK!!!!
the truth is,,u makes me SICK!!
dun u notice that??why cant u?
STUPID la u,,read my blog than u can notice it..
my life is full of annoying things when u inside it..
am i saying it rite?
or shud i say..u makes me feel like im in HELL!!dun cha??
uhh,,why la ek,,why u did this to me,,to my family,,
dun cha feels like,, guilty or something like that??
coz,,we never did anything to ya...
well,i dunno u,,n i hope,,i will NOT noe u.
i just dunno how u could live this life like this,,
u noe what??when i find u,,i'll kick ur ASS..
n u noe what's rite for u??
so long SUCKERS!!!

huh 0_o