Friday, 18 February 2011

Trip to Langkawi..

y trip to Langkawi on 12/2 till 14/2/2011..

  It has been the most spendable money trip ever..haha.Guess what?Im not buying those 'Guess'with my thousand money.But i spend it on!!marvelous..never done this way before.LOL.can't imagine how will i look after finishing those chocolate bar...

          My first day in Langkawi,i already spend about 200MYR.On the car rental,hotel,fuel,dinner and my first chocolate bar in Langkawi.haha.along with night dress.
          Second day in Langkawi.I spend about 100MYR on island hopping.The best part was,we can't swim in Beras Basah island coz we didn't bring any swimsuit.haha.NICE!!In Pulau Dayang Bunting,me n my future sis in law had a relaxing activity..we rent a solar boat there.After that.we continue our journey to MARDI.Had a very best ice cream there which was hand made.Then we went to Wild life park seeing many animal live in the park including rabbit,many species of bird,crocs,snake,eagle,ostrich,n many more lah.That evening,we went to Pantai Cenang and busshhh...swimming n keep swimming...and we also rent a banana funny.i drop from the boat.ishh..Maluuu..that night,we had a dinner at Hj Ramli Restaurant.
          Last day...we went SHOPPING!!many chocolate..dress for mum,dad,my BF mum,his sister..comforter..bag..perfume..
          This trip is really WOWWW u know..uhhh..OTW back to KL,having a headache.thinking bout the money flows juz like waterfall...ssssyyyhhhh :'( 

          ABOUT 1,500MYR FLOW THROUGH MY PURSE JUZ LIKE THAT..ERRHHH..this happen when a shopaholic went to Langkawi..the place to shop..The end.