Friday, 18 February 2011


Friends..are everything to me..they're the one who always by my side..when i was sad..or when im happy.
The best moment to share with my friends is when im happy..
To share that moment..i need a true friends..a friend that understand me.the one that know me better than others..then it was worth it to share.
I cant imagine when i lost them..i dont want to imagine either.bcoz i dont want that to happen.
it hurts when we lost somebody that always by ur side.
it hurts when we dont have anyone to talk to.
it hurts when we know there are nobody to support u.
it hurts a lot.
So,im thinking,i do want my friends to feel that they are so precious,..bcoz..
The best thing in my life is when i have a friend.
everybody dont want to lose that.
Neither do I...

Lots of luv....Cyfa