Friday, 25 February 2011

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith

uuuuhhh sgt suke lagu ini..very supportive lorr..

;p <3

Thursday, 24 February 2011


sume owg nga berfikir2 mne arah  tuju mereka slps ni..aku??
btw..aku pun sbnrnye dah tahu arah tuju aku..cume blm brape nak komfem lg.pntlah nk decide..lps itu,ibi,lps ini..bermcm lg,,,ble nk sudah...Tuhan je yg tahu..
yg pasti,,ble pn sume ni nak sudah,aku x dulik,,yg aku dulik,,matlamat hidup aku ialah utk hidup...


Monday, 21 February 2011


I already got what i wanted to get,n also what my parents hope me to get..
Not as good as others..but enough 4 me to enter IPTA..Very lucky 4 me lor.Coz the pointer i got not really good..but reall not bad.I am very happy n till now..i feels the scared moment.Now,its over.but my heart..still beating very fast.Fast enough to make me faint.haha
Guess what..I'll continue my studying journey after this.My hobby juz now..will not end here lor.I love it so unbelievable..well,it's a fact.So,live with it lor.hahaha

So long for now.Daa...;p <3





Sunday, 20 February 2011

Truely confession from deep inside my heart

I am 2o years old this year..2011
I am a last child...
I was ex-STPM candidate...
I am very playful..
I always take things for granted..
Never think straightly enough..
always play around with something serious..
Never feel scared to do anything..
Never think the consequences of the things that i'd done.
Never feels what other people feel..
Rite now..Im scared.
And from what I know..
others feel what I feel..
And I feel,doesn't effect the fact that i'll face TOMORROW!!

The sun'll come out 
Bet your bottom dollar 
That tomorrow 
There'll be sun! 

Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs, 
And the sorrow 
'Til there's none! 

When I'm stuck a day 
That's gray, 
And lonely, 
I just stick out my chin 
And Grin, 
And Say, 

The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on 
'Til tomorrow 
Come what may 
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I hate ya Tomorrow! 
You're always
A day
A way!!!!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

which one should i update..
mostly i update..FB..
both media important..
i make this blog as my public diary..
FB as a media to get connected with my friends..
however,blog get me close to them as i follow their stories..
make me feels that both are very important to update..
but this blog is where i write my stories..
so i'll update it only when i have a story.
if not..then,follow me on FB.
cuz i'll be there..

Friday, 18 February 2011


Friends..are everything to me..they're the one who always by my side..when i was sad..or when im happy.
The best moment to share with my friends is when im happy..
To share that moment..i need a true friends..a friend that understand me.the one that know me better than others..then it was worth it to share.
I cant imagine when i lost them..i dont want to imagine either.bcoz i dont want that to happen.
it hurts when we lost somebody that always by ur side.
it hurts when we dont have anyone to talk to.
it hurts when we know there are nobody to support u.
it hurts a lot.
So,im thinking,i do want my friends to feel that they are so precious,..bcoz..
The best thing in my life is when i have a friend.
everybody dont want to lose that.
Neither do I...

Lots of luv....Cyfa 


Trip to Langkawi..

y trip to Langkawi on 12/2 till 14/2/2011..

  It has been the most spendable money trip ever..haha.Guess what?Im not buying those 'Guess'with my thousand money.But i spend it on!!marvelous..never done this way before.LOL.can't imagine how will i look after finishing those chocolate bar...

          My first day in Langkawi,i already spend about 200MYR.On the car rental,hotel,fuel,dinner and my first chocolate bar in Langkawi.haha.along with night dress.
          Second day in Langkawi.I spend about 100MYR on island hopping.The best part was,we can't swim in Beras Basah island coz we didn't bring any swimsuit.haha.NICE!!In Pulau Dayang Bunting,me n my future sis in law had a relaxing activity..we rent a solar boat there.After that.we continue our journey to MARDI.Had a very best ice cream there which was hand made.Then we went to Wild life park seeing many animal live in the park including rabbit,many species of bird,crocs,snake,eagle,ostrich,n many more lah.That evening,we went to Pantai Cenang and busshhh...swimming n keep swimming...and we also rent a banana funny.i drop from the boat.ishh..Maluuu..that night,we had a dinner at Hj Ramli Restaurant.
          Last day...we went SHOPPING!!many chocolate..dress for mum,dad,my BF mum,his sister..comforter..bag..perfume..
          This trip is really WOWWW u know..uhhh..OTW back to KL,having a headache.thinking bout the money flows juz like waterfall...ssssyyyhhhh :'( 

          ABOUT 1,500MYR FLOW THROUGH MY PURSE JUZ LIKE THAT..ERRHHH..this happen when a shopaholic went to Langkawi..the place to shop..The end.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

ana farhana n khairynna...

They both are my friends.Long time ago(2005)..I moved from MJSC BP to MJSC Mersing..I found them under one roof(dorm) they both are my batch from that time i move there.They are so nice,to me n to everyone else.Sometime i wish could b so much like them.Friendly.I am not nice.I am not perfect.As for them,i label them as a PERFECT person i've ever met.They treat me really nice yaww.Khai is my homeroomate.N nana is my neighbor homeroomate..hehe.I noe them well in 2006 when i was invited to become their roomate.Since that,i had a great friendship ever.I made a mistake, or i can say a big mistake.But their kindness make them forgive me.How sweet kan?yup.What a bad person i become.Thats all juz bcoz my decision to get me out from there.Stupid.Can't think well at that time.Not matured enough to think la kot.Till now,they are still my friends.My best friends ever.I will never forget what i did to them,n what they give me in return.Bad deeds,good returns.They were always there for me whether in easy or hard time. That is my lesson,i should not do bad things to other people again for my own good.Thanks my friends.