Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bad English

u all noe what??now my speaking skills had juz gone..c..im not talking well.i think i rarely talking in english..thats y kot..ble nk speaking je..awkward plak...bcoz of this laa.can't speak well.shame of myself coz my english is damn bad.how can i improve this ha.oh somebody pls HELP me....uhh.shit!!hate to talk like this..like a child tryin to speak..how can b this bad.??imagine how.im not talking in english about.....many month already..hate talking like this lor.hmm.i hoep i'll b better next tyme..

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Probs...Go away from me!!

Can i say that??coz it seems like some jerk who juz kick someone out from her life..
seems awkward.
oh!i dun care lor..this is my life..when i say no one or nothing can enter it,i mean NO!!
this is bcoz...i juz said so..
well..problems can ruin our life u noe..
Enough wif mine..i dun want any others problema mix wif it.
it will make me SICK!
not my body,health..but my mind..my emo.
I wanna live my life happily without any problems..can i do that??
YESS i can of coz... ;p

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I hate u enough already...

How could u..u supposed to be my idol u noe..u make me sick!!!
how am i supposed to face it when i can't?
OMG.u really make me wanna live far far away from here u noe..
how i wish i CAN.
how i wish i COULD.
u shouldn't do that u noe..u can lie to anyone else.but u can't lie to me.u noe u can't.
or maybe u don't.
i'll make u do noe that.but how?
i can't even talk about that.
Oh God,help me pls.